Cars & Coffee

Nothing beats a good autumn Saturday morning blast, especially when the 100Club calls with an invite to their inaugural Cars & Coffee and what better way to arrive than in the Aston Martin Vantage F1 Edition?

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Shifting Focus

We follow our managing editor around the streets of London on the Maeving RM1 ahead of an up-and-coming photoshoot, to scout the city for the perfect location. To make things extra easy, we used the all-electric Maeving RM1 to carve the city streets.

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The Bamford GMT

Bamford Watch Department have made a splash in the watch world personalising and commissioning bespoke editions of some of the most well known watches in history. From Tag Heuer to Zenith they have transformed icons into supercharged wrist hot rods.

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GT3 in NYC

The latest in a long line of GT cars, the 992 naturally captured our attention, and they quickly all got snapped up leaving nothing for the rest of us. Friend of Hoodpin and Modern Collector, Aaron Edwards, was one of the lucky ones and we took a trip around the Big Apple to discover more about the car.

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Revive to Survive

63 years ago Vanwall stormed the F1 Championship, winning the inaugural constructors trophy and cementing the Vanwall name in the history books. All these years on the Vanwall name has been somewhat forgotten. Until now.

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deBolex DB25 City Shake Down

The term handcrafted is thrown around a lot these days. It has become a trend that can obscure the true genius and skill of people like Calum Pryce-Tidd of deBolex Engineering. His range of customised motorcycles are handcrafted works that have earned the attention of Hollywood, as well as the modern collector.

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Barn Find

In the second piece in our Wheels and Watches series, we take a trip to the new Clubhouse at Henry's Car Barn with a Fiat 500 and a Patek Phillipe Aquanaut and discover the true meaning of a modern collector.

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Defending a Legacy

We sit down at The Old Cinema, Twisted Automotive Headquarters, in Thirsk Yorkshire with Founder Charles Fawcett to discover what it means to Defend the iconic Defender legacy, and how Twisted is planning for the future.

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Omologato Panamericana & the Legends that Made the Race

The first piece in our Wheels and Watches series, where we explore the relationship between cars and timepieces. We dive deep into the Omologato Panamericana and the legends that made the race nicked named the ‘Hell of Mexico.’

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Kills Bugs Fast

In 1998 Porsche made the decision to change their flagship forever and said farewell to the air cooled generation. Being the last of its kind the 993 was engineered to be the pinnacle 911 of the air-cooled era and is still today cherished as one of the best 911’s.

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The Rise of the Restomod

Engineered to provide the spirit of raw classic cars with an uninterrupted and modern driving experience, Restomods are quickly becoming popular within the classic scene. We want to explore why this is, especially in a market that has previously found issue with anything but purity.

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