GT3 in NYC

June 22, 2022


GT3 in NYC

Since February 2021 the automotive world has been obsessed with the Porsche 992 GT3. The latest in a long line of GT cars, the 992 naturally captured our attention, and they quickly all got snapped up leaving nothing for the rest of us. Friend of Hoodpin and Modern Collector, Aaron Edwards was one of the lucky ones. 

In the latest Hoodpin outing we took Aaron’s brand new GT3 around the Tribeca city streets in NYC to find out firsthand what all the fuss is about. 

Have you owned a GT car before this one?

Nope my last car was a Honda Civic EG6 with an Integra type R engine swap. That lasted all of 6 years before I crashed it nearly 17 years ago, I failed to upgrade the brakes (big life lesson there). I have been fanatical about cars from a young age, so much so that I said to myself at 10 that by the age of 35 I would buy my first sports / super car. I’ve been a member of a few car clubs based in Manhattan which has meant I’ve been lucky enough to test drive and use all types of vehicles over the years which quenched my thirst for a little bit, but ultimately it was always a 911.

How difficult was it to get allocation?

Well the first few dealers I called laughed down the phone at me. I had a pretty strict mandate however, not to buy a bunch of other cars and lose money on them to buy a car that I would then be asked to pay over sticker for. Luckily I met someone at Classic Car Club in Manhattan that was a Porsche salesman (Marc Van Hengst at Jack Daniels Porsche) and he knew I had a passion for cars, so it was only right that we worked together on getting the allocation. As you can imagine the hype was real for the 992 platform GT car and when I placed a deposit for the 992 GT3 in 2019 there was zero information available. We had many a candid conversation about the chances of getting the car and honestly I was very prepared to get one in 2024 or later. 

So, you take the car on track. What do you think?

This is a very tough one to answer. Ive owned the car for less than a year and still haven’t found the limit so it’s really tough to say that I know the cars capability. I’m also not a professional racing driver so I can’t speak to technicals but some things that stood out to me have been the following. The car is on rails and so turning at speed requires harnesses as the buckets don’t hold you in place well enough. The cars acceleration feels as fast as every other supercars with way more power from 0-80mph. Coming out of turns in high revs the car just grips, you can go on full throttle very early in a corner due to the balance of the car. The cars original brake pads are terrible so if you have one please please change them before tracking, I have Pagid Racing pads that squeal but are very powerful. The more you push the car the more you realize how great the systems are, they can allow you to drive past your limits and to some extent are going to make you quicker than driving with all systems off, unless you’re Kevin Estre. 

What is the car like in the city compared to that?

This car is built for the track so on cobble stoned streets can be quite unbearable, but other than cobbled streets the cars damping is almost perfect. The ride height is great and rarely scrapes, I have the lift system and rarely use it. This car is designed to be driven at higher revs so make sure you drop it a few cogs when on the highway to make a pass at 65mph…. The noise is also a reason to shift down.

When we shot the car it got a lot of attention. Do you find it more of a show piece than other cars you have owned?

I think people who know this car really appreciate it and for most of the others it's just another Porsche. I absolutely love this idea, because the last thing I wanted was a car people would point and stare at. Its purpose built and everything designed for this car has been considered with the purity of maximum performance and utility. 

Other than cars, is there anything else that you consider yourself a collector of? (watches sneakers etc)

Well there is another car that I have but we will hopefully save that for another time. Yes I’m an avid watch and vintage clothing guy. I like items that are rare but most importantly are purposeful. I’m not somebody who buys the best of anything to say I own it, I really just admire engineering, purpose built products and I buy into brands that convey this in their mission and marketing messaging. Most recently I’m exploring wine (an area I know very little about, but slowly learning!)

Any stand out pieces?

If I told you I’d have to kill you. In all seriousness it’s pretty standard stuff, White gold Rolex Daytona, Japanese sneakers by designer Mihara Yasuhiro and a limited edition print from my favorite sculptors NY Sunshine.

What does it mean to you to be a Modern Collector?

For me I like to use the items I buy, I’m not someone who hoards things and keeps them tucked away. I believe in owning the best and maximizing every single dollar that was spent on it. For me less is more and so over time the items I buy will become rarer and will be enjoyed for their purity vs their perceived value. 




Ben Zacaroli

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