Shifting Focus

September 29, 2022


Shifting Focus

The world is changing and we are in an awkward phase between those who have early adopted electric vehicles and now think that they are Elon Musk, and the traditionalist who will only settle for a petrol engine and are still trying to ignore the flat white as a coffee option… We all know at least one person but, if you are anything like me you will be intrigued by electric travel but not quite there, just yet.

As the change between the old and new is quite dramatic, we are put in a curious place for design. A lot of new ‘cutting edge’ products are designed in a bold new way with harsh lines that break tradition, completely ditching the old and void of any knowledge or gentle nods to their predecessors - not Maeving. Maeving embraces motorcycle history as we transition into the world of alternative travel.

100% British made, the bike has design elements that echo what we are used to as bikers and admirers of 2 wheels, which makes the RM1 quite the head turner. For example, the wire wheels and drum brakes house a very clever power delivery method and the bobber seat sits below what you would think is a traditional petrol tank but is actually a storage box with phone charging or the space for the extra battery. Talking of the battery, the dual version has a range of 80 miles and gets to a top speed of 45mph quite impressively, which is great for the city streets.

With all of this in mind we knew that the bike would be the ideal mode of transport as we took to the London streets ahead of an up and coming photoshoot to scout the city for the perfect location. As a biker, there was a level of scepticism about using the bike, maybe range anxiety or maybe the fear of the unknown on an electric motorcycle? It was difficult to say, however, in the first 10 minutes I was hooked. The bike was so easy to jump on and go that it made travelling around the city in silence at 5am a breeze. At a little over 120kg with 2 batteries the bike feels light to ride and although it lacks a little in top speed, it is great in any urban situation.

The RM1 is perfect for the modern collector as it scratches the itch of a classic bike with all of the benefits of a modern one. The bike is perfectly simple for a first time rider or a 2 wheel veteran. To make things even easier, the battery charges on a clean well designed charging station that charges from any plug socket, just to make sure you have enough juice when you leave the office to hit your favourite coffee shop for that flat white.


Mitch Kemp


Hoodpin Studios

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