The Bamford GMT

August 10, 2022


The Bamford GMT

Wheels and watches go together like socks and shoes. Sure you can wear one without the other but once you leave the house without one of them you’re going to regret whatever decision you made. (Especially if you left the shoes.)

For George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department, the connection between wheels and watches and the passion he shares for the two is unlike any modern collector we have ever met. George is a master of the watch and car combination. His Jaguar Project 7, a one off car built with nods to Jaguar racing heritage, is finished in Bamford Aqua Blue to match the Bamford Tag Heuer Monaco, a timeless take on the classic watch worn by Steve McQueen.

Bamford Watch Department (BWD) was created out of Georges need to take things apart to find out what makes them tick. This obsession quickly moved into cars and watches and evolved to inspire the unique level personalisation that has seen BWD reimagine modern watches into bespoke icons. Wind forward and Bamford Watch Department now offer their own watches. Void of another marque, these unique and affordable watches offer a level of sophistication that is usually reserved for the more well know Swiss giants.

We spent a week with one of the latest watches from the collection, the blacked out Bamford GMT with yellow accents. The watch is refined and has a great level of quality and hidden detail that hits you as soon as you open the box.  On the wrist it feels great and it is super usable. The metal strap has micro adjustments and is also quick releases in the case you want to stick a different strap on it. The internal rotating 24hr GMT bezel is incredibly satisfying, as you rotate the crown on the upper left hand the internal bezel spins until the required hour marker reaches the GMT hand. 

The watch has a Swiss mechanical movement housed in a 40mm case, features automatic 24-hour GMT hand function which by definition is inspired by the need to travel, and what better way to travel than on two wheels. 

Pairing perfectly with the GMT in many ways, the deBolex DB25 is the first in a number of Series projects to be developed by deBolex. Using a Ducati Monster 1200 as a base deBolex transform what is already an outstanding bike in to the ultimate head turner. With a full re-think of both the design and the bikes character, it seemed only fitting that we paired the BWD GMT with deBolex, I am also convinced that with a big enough twist of the right hand, the DB25 is also capable of shifting timezones. Read our full article on deBolex and the DB25 here.

This shift of personalisation and customisation within luxury goods is something that is exciting to us at Hoodpin. The idea of taking a well known product and transforming it into something custom would have been frowned upon by traditional collectors, but for the Modern Collector this is something we cherish and celebrate. As much as we invest in the heritage and story with the products that we love, we all have an internal desire to be unique. 




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