A Rusty Daytona

Artisans de Genève is an independent company specialised in the personalisation of timepieces for private customers. Watch modifications are made exclusively upon request, in a Swiss workshop, by independent and highly skilled craftsmen.

These incredibly sympathetic watch customisations are taken on as challenges and are celebrated in that way also.

This particular model was specified by a client and is completely bespoke based on their brief. Dubbed “Rusty” the watch was briefed to show the footprint that time leaves on objects as the customer wanted a more sentimental feeling to his daily ware Daytona, that would make it even more unique, something that looked like the watch that his grandfather wore. The team developed an oxidised patina method that allowed them to control the ageing of the counters and reach the exact tint desired. A testament to the brands craftsmanship.

Our favourite watch or challenge done by Artisans de Genève is the watch created for Spike Lee “The Cool Hand Brooklyn.’


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