More Than Just a Morgan

Is the launch of the all-new Morgan super 3 a turning point for the future of Morgans' design language? As well as looking the part Morgan claim that the Super 3 retains the mechanical connection to your machine and the massive exposure to your surroundings. 

The history of the Morgan 3 wheeler is the same as any great, a history of motorsport. Built in an untraditional manner the 3 wheeler can trace its root back to 1909 as one of Britain’s longest established motor manufacturers. 

An antidote to mass-produced automotive manufacturing, the latest Morgan looks to inspire adventure and exploration with the new car being usable and slightly more convenient than its predecessor the 3 wheeler. The sideblade and rear luggage racks act like large motorcycle panniers to give quite a generous amount of “trunk’ space. Morgan has also teamed up with lifestyle and motorcycle apparel brand Malle London to appeal to the 2 wheel audience. 

Starting at around £42k (although we quickly breached £50k when using the configurator) the car is not cheap, especially considering the lack of the now considered mod cons like car play and indeed a stereo but I’m not sure that matters to the customers this car is aimed at. The person who will value the open road and experience above everything else.


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