Porsche 911 Sport Classic 2023

Limited to 1250 worldwide units, the Porsche 911 Sport Classic comes with the 911 turbo engine and wide body but that’s where the similarities end. This car comes with a manual gear box and rear wheel drive  

The Porsche 911 (997) Sport Classic is one of the most sought-after modern collectible 911s but the German sports car brand has done one better, welcoming the new-generation Porsche 911 Sport Classic.

Based on the 992 911 Turbo, the new Sport Classic follows on from the Heritage Design Edition 911 Targa 4S and it’s made under the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur division and limited to just 1,250 examples worldwide. 

While it’s based on a Turbo, Porsche have done their usual tricks to distinguish this car as the Sport Classic. The turbo widebody remains, but a fixed rear “Ducktail” (Carrera RS 2.7 style) and a double-bubble roof set this car apart. Twin stripes, Porsche branding, and “60” roundels are added to the car regardless of what paint you choose, as is gold-toned 911 Sport Classic badging on the rear deck. Fuchs-style rims round out the exterior, while powering the car is a 3.7-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine producing 542 HP — importantly, sending all that power to the rear wheels only via a manual, meaning the Sport Classic is the only way you can get RWD manual driving with a 911 Turbo.

Pricing starts at approx. $287,000 USD and deliveries will commence in July this year.


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